We have been busy talking about winter and having many academic discussions as we move further into January. It is wonderful to see all of the growth that is taking place within our classroom.

In Math, we are working with money, which has really gotten the students interest. This is a good time to practice counting money in change jars or piggy banks. There can be some confusion, particularly with nickels and quarters.

The children spent a lot of time completing informational activities in their Interactive Notebooks. We had some great discussions about books in a whole group setting as well as in partnerships. We will now spend several days completing some literature activities before we move onto a new theme.

For writing, your child is completing an informational book.  He or she had to pick an expert topic to teach others.  It is nice to see some of the children really enjoying this task in the afternoon.

In our Fundations program,  we are into our third week of unit 7. We continue to review the different types of syllables, think about “y” sounding like a long “i” or “e,” and are discussing adjectives.

The class will be introduced to a weather theme for science, and will be participating in many experiments over the next few weeks. Our first topic will focus on air.

Enjoy the week!