We will be concluding our work with the All About Me theme and moving into some map skills for the remainder of September.  We will start off by talking about living in the town of Barnstead and then the state of New Hampshire with some discussion centered around well known landmarks.

In Math, we are concluding our first unit which focused on using strategies to complete addition and subtraction equations.  We will be reviewing and having an assessment before moving into our second unit. This is a good time to review some math facts.

The children enjoy having discussions with their reading partners.  They will continue to work with partners as well as read independently at their own levels from their book bags.  This past week we reviewed how to read books and what to do when words get tricky since second graders are reading longer words and books.

Our focus for writing will remain on narratives, focusing on just one meaningful thing at a time. We have discussed having a beginning, middle, end and lots of details. Your child got introduced to making revisions this past week and is working on his/her own piece. I love to see the children engaged in these practices.

Each day the children are reviewing letters and their sounds, as well as practicing their handwriting and word skills with our Fundations program. They are starting to write words and sentences in notebooks and enjoy tapping out words as well as making the words with magnetic tiles.

Have a great week!