We have concluded our plants unit for the fall and will start to focus on our Native American theme. We are excited to announce that we will have a grade level presentation for the children here at B.E.S. on November 29th.

In Math, we have moved into our new topic on subtraction.  The children will be learning various strategies, just like they did with addition.  We started the unit by counting back on a number line by tens. I remind the students that we are looking to find the difference with equations.

For reading, we are talking about nonfiction books and all of the knowledge that we can gain from them. We discussed some more useful strategies such as using a whole page to solve words and what the words mean. We also talked about playing around with a word to solve it, focusing on how to pronounce words and to use text boxes to help us.

The children just got introduced to informational writing.  Their first task was observing a science experiment.  We discussed how scientists conduct experiments through the Scientific Process and got to start a lab report.

In our Fundations program,  the children are reviewing letters that they still need to master, r controlled vowels, and vowel teams.  They continue to add word of the day and trick words to their notebooks, discuss rules, works with magnetic tiles, and really enjoy using the gel boards for trick word practice. We are currently talking about how to break words up into parts (syllables), and deciding where to break up the words since some words are compound words but others are not.

Have a great week!