Welcome back!

We have started a space journey.  Your children are working in teams to complete space activities each day during our science time.  In addition to this new unit, we will continue to add weather symbols to our calendar for the remainder of the month.

Your child is studying the thoughts and feelings of characters.  We are also comparing our world to the magical world in fairy tales, folk tales and fables. The class really enjoys listening to new versions of tales.

For writing, your child continues to is work on his/her own information book.  I am sitting with the children to edit and revise their books. We are hoping to publish the final drafts very soon. Students who finish early, will have some choice writing time.

In our Fundations program, we are looking at a new vowel team; “ee,” “ea” and “ey.”  These sounds get marked with a “d” for Double Vowel Syllables.

For math, we are working with numbers to 1,000. Within our place value blocks, we are using “flats” which represent 100.

Happy Valentine’s Day!